Testo Extreme Anabolic

Testo Extreme Anabolic

The nadir of test boosting supplements.

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Testo Extreme Anabolic Review

It’s pretty much the holy grail of the testosterone boosters; steroid like results from purely natural ingredients.

With a name like Testo Extreme Anabolic that definitely seems to what this supplement from Nutracell Labs is going for.

Bold claims like being the number 1 legal testosterone enhancer available reinforce the idea that this product has finally managed to crack the best of both worlds for us.

Testo Extreme Anabolic

It’s even taken using a mini ‘syringe.’ More on that later, but the most important question is, does Testo Extreme Anabolic make good on its big talk and little gimmicks?

In a word, no. There are numerous problems here, stretching far beyond what’s actually in it, but as the formula is key to any boosters effectiveness, let’s start there.

How Does It Work?

Testo Extreme Anabolic employs a proprietary blend meaning we don’t actually get to know any individual doses, just a combined total volume of ingredients. We never like to see this but some supplements can get away with it by having quality components across the board, however … that is absolutely not the case here.

At a Glance

  • No well established test boosting ingredients
  • Numerous issues

We’ll get to how well all this works right after we’ve dealt with the overall scores.

The Scores

Pushing the (lower) limits of our polar chart, here are the overall scores;

The Scores

This has to be about the most shambolic ingredient profile we’ve ever seen. There are hardly any effective testosterone boosters and several components seemingly plucked from other unrelated supplements. This appears to have been put together by cocktail waiters rather than scientists. Terrible.


$30/£20 would ordinarily be a decent price for a booster, but Testo Extreme Anabolic is so awful that asking any money at all for this makes it a poor deal.


This supplement inspires zero trust so that’s what it would get if our website allowed that. Courtesy of this website’s scoring system, we are grudgingly forced to give it a 1.

The weird ingredient choices, the fact that it’s so hard to get, the suspect testimonials, the use of proprietary blends, the lack of assurances on how the supplement is produced, we could go on and on.


The testimonial section is abysmal. Unconvincingly glowing reviews coupled with lazy stock photos of ripped guys. Completely unhelpful and only adds to the shadiness of the whole operation


We were able to find very little coherent information on Nutracell Lab. The only website attributed to them was a terribly produced one flogging both this and a creatine product. There are non-specific award stickers a plenty and an endorsement from a doctor whose sole contribution to the World Wide Web appears to be giving these boosters his backing. Extremely suspect.

How Do I Take It?

So now we come to the mini syringe. It may sound like an accessory for Smack Addict Barbie, but in reality the ‘syringe’ is little more than a tiny water pistol.

Bottles of Testo Extreme Anabolic contain 30ml and users are expected to draw 1ml into the syringe and squirt it under the tongue. You may think it has immediately improved blood flow, but don’t get too excited, that’s probably just the blood rushing to your face through embarrassment.

Normally we’d say 1 serving isn’t enough, but given what’s involved, it’s more of a relief in this case.

Any Testo Extreme Anabolic Side Effects?

Depending on your sensitivity, you may experience an adverse reaction to the completely unnecessary caffeine, but beyond that, possibly just serious pangs of regret.

Where Can I Get It?

We first spotted Testo Extreme Anabolic on sale at Amazon.co.uk where it is now showing as currently unavailable. The only other place it is on sale is the official website, where a one month supply retails for just over £20. It doesn’t appear to sell outside of the U.K., which the rest of the world is surely grateful for.

Ingredients – In Detail

Damiana Leaf

Damiana Leaf isn’t terrible. It certainly has a solid reputation as a both a libido and energy booster, however this is based largely on clinical trials featuring rats and the ingredient suffers from a lack of human studies to this point, so is still a speculative choice.

Tribulus Terrestris

A near useless waste of time. Tribulus terrestris was once touted as having the same testosterone boosting powers as something like D-Aspartic Acid, but has repeatedly failed to fulfil this hype in any serious clinical trials. Mild libido boosting qualities is the best case that can be made for it.

Glucosamine Sulfate

The first (but not the last) ingredient in this supplement which seems oddly out of place. Glucosamine sulfate is more traditionally associated with promoting healthy joints, increasing fluid to promote easier movement. No testosterone boosting credentials to speak of.


If you thought the last component was a head scratcher, get a load of inositol. Far from being a testosterone booster, a 2009 Italian clinical trial found that actually had the effect of lowering levels of testosterone. Just one of many signs of how mixed up Testo Extreme Anabolic is.

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride

Legitimate energy boosting quality here. Carnitine helps with the oxidation process of fatty acids so they can be more quickly and efficiently burnt off as useable energy. Doubtless a help for workouts, but in common with a lot of these ingredients so far, little impact on testosterone levels.

Saw Palmetto

A common inclusion in testosterone boosters with a reputation stemming from years of alternative medicine use. Thought to be potentially useful in preventing benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate) but human studies on this are pretty few and far between.


This nutrient is known to have an influence on what are generally known as the feel-good hormones in the body, such as serotonin and dopamine. We’ve seen it used in supplements before, but typically fat burning ones as there is possibly that added benefit. Difficult to complain about the prospect of feeling better, but c’mon, where’s the testosterone?


First ingredient for a long time with some justification. Not only can L-Arginine help with stronger blood flow but it also has the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormone, making the building of muscle easier.

Avena Sativa Extract

A variety of oat, this choice at least has demonstrated an ability in some studies to increase luteinizing hormone, as well as a cause a slight rise in free testosterone in some cases.


A small amount of natural sulphur more common to Post Cycle Therapy supplements owing to the detoxifying effects it has on our blood supply, leading to a healthy liver. This can help testosterone levels indirectly, to be fair.

Ginseng Root Extract

You can’t really argue with the libido boosting and blood flow stimulating powers of ginseng, they are well established. As a result this choice is ideal for those who are suffering with some degree of flagging sex drive or erectile dysfunction.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Powerful stimulant more common in fat burners due to its ability to significantly speed up the metabolism and burn significantly more calories than usual. Short of the additional energy caffeine provides helping with a workout, we’ve no idea what this is doing in a testosterone supplement.


A strongly caffeinated herb with largely the same features (and problems) as above.

Green Tea

A perfect ingredient…for fat burning! The catechins in green tea release norephiphrine, a fat burning hormone which creates a thermogenic process in the body, burning extra calories. How does that help testosterone? It doesn’t really.


Testo Extreme Anabolic is actually a strangely useful supplement. It’s a benchmark for everything to avoid when shopping for a reputable booster, the further a brand is from this herbal train wreck, the better it’s likely to be. Avoid unless you hate your money and body.

tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody interested in an independent review of Testo Extreme Anabolic
I am busy - summarize it for me


Our Supplement Rating
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  • Overall Score: 1/10

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