Aliens and The Godfather? Or Highlander and Zoolander? Which type of sequel is this?

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Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody who has heard of TestoTek by Tek Naturals and wants to find out if the revised version beats the original.
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They say the sequel is never better than the original (apart from Godfather Part 2). Are they right?

Tek Naturals have overhauled their flagship test booster and we find out whether this is an Aliens and The Godfather type sequel ... or a Highlander and Zoolander type sequel.

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  • Overall Score: 8.9/10
  • Positive

    • A great lineup of T boosting ingredients
    • Highly improved formula
    • Decent serving schedule
    • Strong testimonials
    • cGMP manufactured and great reputation
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Free priority shipping to USA on all orders
  • Negative

    • Premium product = premium price
    • Not suitable for vegetarians
    • Not suitable for those with shellfish allergies
    • Would like to have seen more Vitamin D3

TestoTek v2.0 Review

TestoTek has been around for a few years now and made itself a major player. Like Tek Naturals, the company that makes it, it’s been growing and developing.

We climbed back into the ring with this test boosting heavyweight to put it through it’s paces again.

The first time round, TestoTek didn’t have a formula that got us excited. But as Winston Churchill one said;

To improve is to change: to be perfect is to change often

So … has TestoTek v2.0 changed for the better?


If it’s going to be a proper photo finish then the difference is going to be in the small details. Handy that we’ve got them then, as TestoTek 2.0 has no proprietary blends. We’ve got all the ingredients listed in full with their amounts.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • D-Aspartic Acid & Vitamin D3 to boost T
  • Vitamin B to raise energy and limit estrogen
  • Fenugreek to balance blood sugars
  • Zinc to support T production
  • Mucuna pruriens to raise L-Dopa
  • Oyster extract for added zinc and amino acids
  • Red ginseng for blood flow and libido

Plenty to like. Let’s take a look at the scores

The Scores

The Scores

There’s really no deadweight in the TestoTek formula. Tek Naturals have done some work on this and picked a star line up.

So why only 8/10. Well two reasons. Firstly we’d have liked to have seen more DAA, although as has been pointed out in the comments, if the form of DAA is calcium chelate then the 2000mg per serving is adequate. Also we are not sure why so much vitamin B6 has been included, there are no studies supporting those levels of B6.

The thing that has annoyed us about the formula is the fact they’ve used vegetarian plant caps rather than gelatin (well done guys) … and then gone and blown it by including oyster extract in the formula which means it’s not suitable for vegetarians and those with shellfish allergies.


TestoTek have nailed it here, and transformed a middle ranking no-hoper into a title contender. They were smart enough to use the best products on the market as inspiration for a new formula.

It’s not just the formula though, they have cloned the whole business model. Product pricing, discounts, guarantees.

However, you get what you pay for. We can’t give a score over 8/10 to a product retailing at $69.99. It’s expensive.


TestoTek is manufactured in California and has all the guarantees and assurances associated with FDA approved cGMP manufacturing.

There are no reports (that we could find) that would suggest there’s anything untrustworthy about Tek Naturals.

We also like the money back guarantee – 30 days. So you don’t have to take the product for months to decide it’s not working for you, you can return it after 30 days and get a refund if you are not satisfied.


The testimonial section on the TestoTek website is impressive, a real rarity.

It has names, photos and professions of guys who use it, along with compelling testimony. There’s a really nice spread of ages in the feedback too which is a plus.

They’ve also got a testimonial from one of the most terrifyingly shredded 47 year olds we’ve seen in a while. Josh, autoshop owner from NY State. Presumably he’s saved a fortune on tools and can now just bend cars back into shape with his bare hands…

TestoTek Testimonials


Tek Naturals, the makers of TestoTek, are an impressive company considering they only started up in 2015. They aim for quality rather than quantity, a small range of products done well. Testosterone boosting and male enhancement, two fatburners (one for men, one for women) and the Mind Ignite nootropic.

We like the fact they updated and improved TestoTek, most manufacturers don’t bother to do that.

One of the aspects of the company we really like though is Tek Cares – the charity supported by Tek Naturals. And good on them for not shouting this from the rooftops as a sales tool.

The company donate 2.5% of every sale to charity organizations dedicated to making children’s lives better. That’s 2.5% more than everybody else in the marketplace. Making Tek Naturals the only company ever to get 11/10 on our ratings.

Tek Cares - Charity Donations

How Do I Take It?

4 caps per day, or 2 caps in the morning and evening. TestoTek recommends taking them on an empty stomach.

Any TestoTek Side Effects?

It is a possibility. 25mg of Zinc alongside zinc rich oyster extract means that total is certainly edging towards the the upper tolerance of 40mg per day, especially if you have a zinc rich diet. Worthwhile to be aware of, it is a test booster though and you’d be disappointed if it didn’t contain zinc.

The other issue is the level of vitamin B6. As already mentioned, 50mg is 2941% of RDA. In the US the FDA changed the upper limit to 100mg in 2000, so it’s well within that. B6 is water soluble though, and excess should be passed in urine. Side effects are only reported at levels 20 times the amount in Testotek – http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/vitamins/vitamin-B6

Where Can I Get It?

TestoTek is available from the official website for $69.99 for a month’s supply, with a discount if you subscribe for monthly bottles. Other discounts are available, if you hit their site and there’s a discount … cash in.

Ingredients – In Detail


Vitamin K2

K2 is a vitamin found in meats and is important for maintaining plasma levels in the body and our own supply of testosterone. It’s also a support to D3, allowing it to work more effectively by prevent calcification in the arteries and soft tissue.

This is one of the ingredients topped up in the new version of TestoTek.



Vitamin B Complex

This vitamin B complex contains 3 B vitamins: 2, 5, 6, totaling 80mg.

B6 is given the biggest share which is good as it’s the most important. This vitamin can slow the production of the female hormone estrogen and lower the influence of the estrogen already in your system. Remember estrogen creeps up as we age and if it’s up, T is down.



Low zinc and low T often go hand in hand. This is because crucial building blocks for T – like luteinizing, growth and follicle stimulating hormones – all depend on a healthy supply. It’s tough to get enough from food, so a boost of 25mg here is welcome.

Augmenting the formula with oyster extract pushes the zinc intake still further and zinc in the diet is likely to push that up, it’s something to be aware of.



D-Aspartic Acid

D-AA is a potent amino acid which stimulates the brain encouraging a supply of the same key hormones as zinc (luteinizing hormone, growth hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.)

Significant evidence also suggests that D-AA may remove rate limits in testosterone synthesis in the testes. This enables us to achieve higher peaks.



Mucuna Pruriens

Strong choice, and dose is tripled in this new version. Promotes the amino acid L-DOPA, which stimulates T. It also cuts cortisol, the stress hormone.

Lowering cortisol not only stops T being blocked but improves your mood. 350mg is a strong amount.



Stinging Nettle Root

The beta sitosterol in this ingredient is effective at lowering SHBG. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin is a protein which attaches itself to testosterone preventing it from being used in the right way. If it is lower that means we have more Free T racing round our system to be put to good use.



Vitamin D3

We get vitamin D3 mainly from sunlight and in actual fact it isn’t a vitamin at all. It’s a hormone we need it to survive.

In the right amount it’s also proven to raise T. Sadly the 2000IUs in TestoTek is not all it could be. The vitamin D Council’s most recent advice is 5000IUs, and many supplement manufacturers are boosting D3 levels behind that based on even more recent research.




In the right amount this can raise libido, stimulate androgens, and help balance blood sugars. That last one is important as this helps regulate insulin and stops skewed levels getting in the way of T. Just 75mg is unlikely to have much of an effect though. Another choice skimped on unfortunately.



Oyster Extract

Long thought to be a strong aphrodisac it also contains many useful trace elements and is rich in zinc.


Panax Genseng

Used often in traditional medicine. Ginseng has shown ability to boost nitric oxide in the body, helping healthy blood flow which can helps with issues such as erectile dysfunction.

As well as helping to regulate blood sugar in a similar way to Fenugreek, Ginseng contains steroidal saponins which can increase T levels, luteinizing hormone and androgens in men.


Anything Missing

Despite a strong showing, it’s a pity there’s no magnesium in TestoTek to help further lower SHBG and raise free T. Or boron to improve the balance of testosterone and estrogen.

However, you can’t have everything, and it’s a strong line-up.


It’s always a worry when a sequel comes out – are they just trying to cash-in or make it better.

Thankfully TestoTek falls squarely into the Godfather category of sequels. No.2 is a blockbusting classic that would grace any collection.

A massive improvement and a strong contender, easily taking the silver medal in our muscle building boosters category.

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tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody who has heard of TestoTek by Tek Naturals and wants to find out if the revised version beats the original.
I am busy - summarize it for me

They say the sequel is never better than the original (apart from Godfather Part 2). Are they right?

Tek Naturals have overhauled their flagship test booster and we find out whether this is an Aliens and The Godfather type sequel ... or a Highlander and Zoolander type sequel.

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  • Overall Score: 8.9/10

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