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Our Mission: Why are we running this site?

After spending many years working in the supplement industry, I was sick of Google search results returning a load of absolute rubbish whenever I searched for information on studies done on testosterone, ingredients related to test, or therapies and supplements.

Some of the sites were excellent, and still are. Most of it was badly written, hard to read, poorly researched, wildly opinionated, and generally failed to cite proper studies. It was difficult to see how or why the writer was drawing the conclusions they were coming to.

I felt we could do better, so I set up Testosterone Resource. Initially we covered testosterone only, then other writers came on board with experience in fitness and nutrition. We branched out and covered more ground of interest to guys (and increasingly gals).

We’re trying our best to serve you good solid information in a readable way. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading and learning about the subject matter through the articles we’ve written. Please feel free to comment on anything, we’ll do our best to answer any questions.


Rob Wright

Who the Devil Are You?

Who the Devil Are You?

It’s a fair question. I have been writing about health issues, diet, exercise and supplements for many years through working in the supplements industry.

I am mainly the editor here at Testosterone Resource, we have a number of writers who specialise in their own area of expertise. I bring it together and present it as impartially as possible for you to digest.

How Does This Site Make Money?

We principally make money from advertisements. If you are interested in advertising on the site then please get in touch via the contact form.

We also receive commissions from some of the products featured on the site, and are part of several affiliate programs including Amazon. This doesn’t affect the price you, as a consumer pay, or affect the advice you get on this site. We only ever recommend products we genuinely rate highly (see below and further info in this link).

We are proud to say we have turned down many lucrative offers from disreputable supplement companies!

Products We Recommend

We are trying to look out for our readers. The products that come top of our lists are products that we genuinely believe in, from companies we genuinely believe in.

We would only recommend products;

1. Where the whole formula, and the dosages, are there on the label. No proprietary blends.
2. The dosages, based on all the available literature and studies, are within safe limits.
3. The ingredients included are there based on sound academic/clinical studies.
4. We would be happy to take the products ourselves.

In a nutshell: Products we’d be happy using ourselves

Companies We Recommend

In relation to companies, we’d only recommend a company where;

1. You won’t get billed or rebilled without your knowledge (ie, they are not operating the dreaded ‘Free Trial’ scam).
2. They will honor their returns policy, and their guarantees (if they are offering any).
3. Products are manufactured in cGMP approved manufacturing environments.
4. Card payment systems and checkouts are secure and encrypted.

In a nutshell: Decent companies conducting business in the right way