Testosterone Conversion Calculator

Testosterone Conversion Calculator

Convert testosterone results from one unit to another.

This test levels conversion tool is for anybody who has been given their testosterone results in one format and are reading an article about test levels where it’s in another format. And scratching their head.

Just put your test result into the form, choose the units it’s been given in and hit the ‘Calculate’ button. Boom, all the variants presented in one place.

Testosterone Convertor

ng.dL vs nmol/L vs ng/ml

I decided to put this tool together because in all the articles in Testosterone Resource, we talk about testosterone levels in terms of ng.dL.

Then I actually got my testosterone tested and the (not very impressive!) results came back as below – in nmol/L

Testosterone Test Result in nmol/L

So if you have a testosterone test result in one unit and a comparison chart in another, hopefully this tool will come in handy for you.

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