The Shreditor’s Choice – Best Fat Burners

The Shreditor’s Choice – Best Fat Burners

Getting lean - the best of the best for shredding unwanted fat.

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Anybody who has spent countless hours trying to find a fat burning supplement which will work, is reasonably priced, and is produced by a reputable company.
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The Shreditor's Choice. Yes, we really do have someone here called The Shreditor.

The Best Fat Burners

A healthy diet and exercise are always going to be your best route to losing excess weight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit of help along the way.

The best way to avoid dangerous diet pills is to stick to natural fat burners.

However, even then there’s still a lot of work to be done separating the brands that will burn through fat from the ones that’ll just burn through your bank account.

Can’t be bothered, huh? Yeah, we don’t blame you. So allow us.

This article is a summary of everything you need to know. The products we rate, the ingredients to avoid, a short buyer’s guide to help

How We Rate Products

Before we get started, let’s quickly cover the points we assess when we are rating a fat burner. We go quite in-depth in this site in individual reviews, but to sum up what we are evaluating;

• The Ingredients – What is in it, and what are the dosages. Importantly, also what is missing.
• Price – Not just the cost but whether the product offers value for money or not.
• Availability – It might be wonderful, but can you actually buy it anywhere?
• Trust – You are putting these products into your body, can they be trusted?
• Testimonials – What are others saying about the product
• The Manufacturer – Who makes it, and what do we know about them.

The online world of supplements is a murky, shark-infested swamp of a place. We have navigated those swamps and dodged those sharks to bring you the best of the best.

Summary of Scores - Top 3 Fat Burners

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout





Our Top 3 Fat Burners – 2019

Instant Knockout

#1 – Instant Knockout
Gold Medal - Top Fat Burner

Instant Knockout is an entirely natural fat burner from U.K based supplement company, Roar Ambition Ltd, which was originally developed to help get MMA stars into peak condition before a fight, but is now available for the general public.

Its list of premium ingredients is designed not only to safely burn fat, but also to increase physical energy and mental focus, allowing you to look and perform like the professionals it was first intended for.

  • Positives

    • All natural
    • Great thermogenic ingredients
    • Effective appetite regulation
    • Strong metabolism, energy and focus boosters
    • No proprietary blends
    • Trustworthy company
    • Shipped from the U.S & U.K
    • Good value for money
  • Negatives

    • Available from official website only
    • Slightly more expensive

At a Glance

  • Green tea and cayenne pepper promote thermogenesis
  • Caffeine raises metabolism and boosts energy
  • Glucomannan to help control appetite
  • B vitamins to further support fat burning


GOLD MEDAL – The Instant Knockout Bottle is shaped like a fist, which is fitting because this product packs a serious punch. The ingredient profile is the best we’ve seen by some way.

The balance is near perfect, with powerful thermogenic ingredients green tea and cayenne pepper front and center to melt away those calories, supported by a sensible amount of caffeine to boost your energy and metabolism, and the best organic appetite regulation Mother Nature has to offer in Glucomannan fiber.

This quality across the board is what sets Instant Knockout apart from the competition and is what inspires so many impressive testimonials from users of all ages, both sexes and various physiques. The bar has been raised with Instant Knockout, our worthy champion.


#2 BurnerTEK
Silver Medal - Runner Up Fat Burner

TEK Naturals re-release of their original BurnerTEK formula in a ‘Version 2’ made waves. It improved a number of aspects, reducing the caffeine levels and adding L-Theanine to product the ‘smart caffeine’ normally found only in pre-workout supplements.

  • Positive

    • A lot of good fat burning ingredients
    • Smart caffeine to reduce stimulant intake and maximize effectiveness
    • Natural help with appetite control
    • No proprietary blends, fully disclosed
    • cGMP manufactured
    • Free shipping to USA.
  • Negative

    • Premium product = premium price
    • Testimonials not as detailed as we like
    • No expedited shipping option to Europe.


SILVER MEDAL – v2 of this product delivers all that you’d expect from a premium fat burner and a lot more.

It’s been pipped to the silver medal on two counts. Firstly we’d have liked to have seen more Glucomannan in the formula. Secondly, Instant Knockout have knocked them out in the testimonials section.

However, TEK Naturals give back – with 2.5% donated to children’s charities they play a trump card. Overall it’s a tight race.

At a Glance

  • Green tea and cayenne pepper to promote thermogenesis
  • Caffeine and L-Theanine together as ‘smart caffeine’ deliver energy and stimulate metabolism
  • Glucomannan for appetite control
  • Garcinia Cambogia to suppress fat conversion from carbs
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate for muscle endurance
  • Turmeric for thermogenesis and increased metabolism


#3 Hourglass
Bronze Medal - Third Placed Fat Burner

Steaming into bronze medal position is a fat burner that surprised us – we started reviewing it as a ‘women’s product‘ and realized that it suited men just as well as women.

This product makes it onto the podium as the best low stimulant product in the pack.

  • Positive

    • A top quality formula
    • No proprietary blends
    • Good serving schedule
    • Money back guarantee
    • Fast Shipping Worldwide from UK and USA
    • cGMP manufactured in USA
    • All Natural
  • Negative

    • Premium product = premium price
    • No promotions / Black Friday style discounts
    • Low in Stimulants – no use for those looking for a burner with a ‘kick’


BRONZE MEDAL – Don’t dismiss this product just because you aren’t a women. This is the ideal fat burner for people of both sexes who don’t react well to high levels of stimulants in fat burners.

A low stim option, it eschews caffeine in favor of Guarana and Green Tea. But delivers the same customer service and guarantee that Propura have offered in their block busting low test boosting product. A solid product from a solid company.

At a Glance

  • Vitamin B6 & B12 stimulate metabolism and energy
  • Vitamin D3 to reduce fat storage
  • Green tea and capsimax to promote thermogenesis
  • Glucomannan to help to stave off cravings
  • Guarana to raise metabolism, energy and suppress appetite

Ingredients to Beware Of

As anybody who has read our reviews will know – there are many ingredients which have dubious clinical pedigree, or have been thoroughly debunked in tests.

If that was as bad as it got that would still be bad. It’s not as bad as it gets though, it gets much much worse.

Some of the ingredients you’ll find in fat burners and pre-workouts are outright dangerous. Encountering these ingredients is far more common than you’d think.

We’ve done a quick summary on some of the most common ingredients to watch out for:

2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP)

DNP is old school. In much the same way that smallpox was old school. It was designated as ‘not fit for human consumption’ as far back as 1938, so we are not publishing some breaking scoop here by telling you it’s bad news.

Despite the dangers being known about for 80 years, unscrupulous people still sell it and unwitting consumers still consume it.

It can raise metabolic rate by up to 50%, and usage results in dramatic weight loss. But at a terrible price. It can cause severe overheating, dehydration, vomiting, a racing heartbeat and eventually death.



Ephedrine has been in the news many times in the last few years, normally in relation to sports. It works by stimulating the heart, lungs and nervous system. The resulting increase in metabolic activity causes the body to consume calories and burn fat.

It is potent though, and taking it puts a huge pressure and strain on the body, even amongst healthy young people. Side effects of Ephedrine include strokes, heart attacks, tachycardia, seizures, paranoid schizophrenia, nausea, and vomiting

Whilst recent crackdowns have reduced it’s availability in regulated western markets, it can be easily obtained online from unregulated vendors in South East Asia.



Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener which is widely used in the food industry. The place you are most likely to encounter it is in diet sodas but it also commonly features in flavoured powder supplements.

There are over 90 documented side-effects from aspartame, and it is estimated that over 75% of adverse reactions to food additives can be attributed to aspartame.

From depression and insomnia through to heart palpitations and even death, it can also worsen symptoms of serious medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and epilepsy.

Some nutritionists refer to aspartame as a ‘chemical poison’ (depending on the manufacturer a small percentage may even contain the poison methanol), and it’s not difficult to find reams of heated online discussion about it.

The bottom line is that there’s no reason to be using it – there are perfectly safe natural sweeteners and they are used in the best fat burners and best pre-workouts.



Also going by it’s aliases bitter orange extract and citrus aurantium, synephrine is commonly found in fat burners and pre-workouts.

Synephrine isn’t necessarily dangerous on it’s own, the severe side effects occur when it is there in large dosages and combined with caffeine in large dosages. Which is obviously a problem.

Not only is caffeine use (and over-use) in the form of coffee consumption widespread and considered completely normal, many of these fat burners and pre-workouts which contain synephrine also contain large amounts of caffeine. So anything using a proprietary blend containing both synephrine and caffeine is an absolutel no-no.

Why? Because you have absolutely no idea hwo much of each you are taking.

When we say ‘severe side effects’ we are talking about heart attacks and death.

The link between synephrine and heart attacks / ischemic strokes was made as far back as 2005 following the case of a man who started supplementing with synephrine a week before his attack.

And in 2009 a legal case was launched by a 24 year old who suffered a severe heart attack after using Nutrex Lipo-6x, a fat burner which at the time contained a large amount of synephrine.



Also referred to as Yohimbine, this natural tree bark can assist with appetite suppression and is therefore commony found in fat burner supplements. There have been some very positive studies done on Yohimbe in relation to it’s ability in curbing hunger, and dosed correctly we here often treat it as a positive in a formula.

The trouble is that many manufacturers obscure the amounts they include in a ‘proprietary blend’ which means we have no idea how much of this is in the mix. Depending on your bodyweight there could easily be too much.

Consuming too much of it can cause side-effects such as gastrointestinal distress, anxiety and hypertension.