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Instant Knockout

Delivering a gut punch to unwanted fat

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Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody who has heard of Instant Knockout fat burner from Roar Ambition and wants to know the details about the product and the company.
I am busy - summarize it for me

If you are looking into serious fat burners you don't have to look far before you run into Instant Knockout. A hardcore natural fat burner that used MMA fighters as the original testers. Does it deserve it's fight record?

We hit it hard with a blow by blow review that doesn't pull any punches.

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    • Effective appetite regulation
    • Strong metabolism, energy and focus boosters
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Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout doesn’t mess about. A formula originally designed for MMA fighters and boxers to cut before a bout, it was famously used by legendary MMA fighter Diego Sanchez to drop two weight classes for his comeback (he won on the scales but lost in the octagon).

It’s an impressive back story, MMA is a world where one stray love handle can make the difference between a championship and a choke out.

The product has no shortage of admirers, but does Instant Knockout’s formula really match its rep?

Its goals are simple:

  • Burn fat with thermogenesis
  • Suppress appetite so you need to eat less
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Raise energy levels to help you keep working out through the calorie deficit

Instant Knockout

So every box ticked on paper, let’s see if Instant Knockout can make the competition tap out in the octagon.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Green tea and cayenne pepper promote thermogenesis
  • Caffeine raises metabolism and boosts energy
  • Glucomannan to help control appetite
  • B vitamins to further support fat burning

We’ll get into these ingredients and their doses in a minute, but right now let’s check the overall scores…

The Scores

The Scores

Difficult to fault any of the choices. This formula meets each of the BIG 3.

1. Green tea and cayenne pepper will fire up your fat burning furnace
2. Caffeine and green coffee bean get the metabolism moving
3. Glucomannan helps naturally take the edge of any hunger cravings

Plus vitamins and minerals such as B6, B12 & zinc help ensure a healthy, holistic approach to dropping the wrong kind of weight while still lifting the right ones. Top marks.

Note: The formula was updated in 2016 to reduce the caffeine slightly and include a lot more glucomannan. This was based on user feedback apparently, subsequently the product is even more effective than when it was initially released.


Instant Knockout is certainly no budget option, and it’s only sold in one location. No discounts, no Black Friday deals etc.

That old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ doesn’t have to be negative though, and here you really do. Excellent ingredients and strong endorsements from athletes in peak physical shape.

If you’re looking for premium quality in a burner, Instant Knockout as good as we’ve seen. Look at it this way, buying direct from the manufacturer guarantees Instant Knockout and no Instant Knockoffs.

Plus the more you buy, the more you save, the 3 box deal gets and extra box free.


There’s zero evidence of Instant Knockout being any kind of scam. The website is professional and features detailed physiological knowledge backed up by scientific research. You just don’t see this kind of time and effort put in from those just after your cash.

Athlete’s endorsements indicates genuine quality. These guys are highly trained athletes whose bodies are their living; they’re not going to risk putting anything suspect in there.


The Instant Knockout website testimonials section is full of feedback from ordinary people who’ve seen transformations. Users vary in age, gender, starting weight and reason for using.

These are real testimonials, there is no question. Before and after shots, videos, the person’s story, name, location etc.

These kind of details that separates personal P.B’s from professional P.R. Of course this is the official site, but most of the other reviews we found were also extremely positive.

Here are a few of our favorite testimonials;

Travis Lord, USA

“Like a lot of people, my main reason I was looking for a fat burner that actually worked was because I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror.

No, it’s not a “miracle cure all” but it’s probably the next best thing. Add in the fact that it has natural ingredients and it becomes a no brainier choice. I immediately felt more energy and my appetite was definitely suppressed helping me with my portion control.

Not only did I lose weight and burnt off that stubborn fat. I also saw muscle growth and lifting gains in the gym! Which I unheard of with most fat burners. I will definitely continue using Instant Knockout in my fitness journey!”

Nick, USA

“The results seen from Instant Knockout, while mixed with proper diet and training is amazing. I’ve tried a few other fat burners and none seemed to work as well as Instant Knockout.

In a single month I went from 187 pounds down to 179 while strength training. I purchased a 4 month supply of instant knockout and I’m excited to see what results I will have in the future.”

OK – we know. The site is called Testosterone Resource and Maz is in a bikini. Checkout the transformation though, wow!

Maz Delacerna, Australia

“I decided to try instant knockout after trying several other fat burners and after tons of research, I took the leap. Boy am I glad I did!

If you are contemplating on trying it out I highly recommend it. Instant knockout has helped me kickstart my journey and I am now a bikini competitor. I cant believe I was once 25kg heavier and now able to be on stage!”


No problems here either. Roar Ambition is a very high profile company, based in the U.K who work with nutritional experts, scientists and athletes to produce safe, natural supplements. Admirably they also re-evaluate ingredients every six months in case the formula needs updating.

At the end of the day, they’re big players in the supplement market, so if there were any issues with this company, we’d know about it by now.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 3-4 servings of 1 capsule spaced out evenly during the day. This is smart because it ensures the fat burning effects are topped up and there’s no drop off, which you might get with fewer servings.

Any Instant Knockout Side Effects?

You’ll see when we get into the ingredients in a minute there’s no danger of serious side effects. However caffeine is a stimulant and, as with all supplements containing caffeine, you should be careful how many double espressos you knock it back with.

As long as you’re sensible about when you take your serving and don’t make it a regular part of any nightcap, there’s no reason for concern on the side effects front.

Where Can I Get It?

Instant Knockout is only available from the official website. It retails for $59 (£35) for a one month supply of 120 capsules. Not cheap, certainly, but as we’ve seen you are paying for a quality product. They do offer discounts if you buy a multibox bundle.

If all else fails and you’re not satisfied, there’s a 90 day money back guarantee, which is always a nice safety net.

Back Story

The whole MMA aspect of Instant Knockout is interesting, particularly this video which seems kind of hidden on their website. A shame, they’ve got a whole page about Diego Sanchez and his legendary drop from 195lbs to 145lbs to fight in the featherweight division of the UFC, which he achieved using the product.

Instant Knockout Ingredients – In Detail

Green Tea

Green Tea

Even though it contains a small level of caffeine (we’ll see why that’s important in a minute) key to green tea’s success is its catechins. These nutrients act in the body to increase the supply of our main fat burning hormone, norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine naturally heats up the body, melting extra calories in the process, then as our system works to cool itself back down, we burn off excess fat.

Just one cup of this antioxidant packed herb can burn as much as 5.7g of body fat, so Instant Knockout’s generous 500mg will be a massive help.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean

Ah, green coffee bean, this must be the caffeine, right?. Well, no actually.

Green coffee bean is a great pick because it’s rich in chlorogenic acid. This prevents the breakdown of glucose in the liver, removing that as an energy source. Needing a replacement, your body raids those excess fat stores and starts burning through them.

100mg in each of 4 servings is a strong dose and should get the job done.



Glucomannan is a fibrous root, included here for one simple purpose. Once ingested it expands in the stomach, making you feel fuller and lowering the desire to eat for longer.

A study by University College London also suggested that fiber rich foods trigger the a chemical called acetate, which works on the brain to reduce cravings

It’s worth pointing out that glucomannan is currently the only ingredient which products in the UK can officially declare clinically proven to suppress appetite.

Not all natural burners offer help with cravings, so the fact that Instant Knockout doesn’t just leave you to white knuckle through is a real plus.



Most of us know about caffeine and its effects, but maybe not that these effects can help to naturally burn fat.

Not only does it speed up your metabolism considerably, the energy kick it gives can help you avoid stamina crashes that result from a lower calorie diet.

The key is getting the right dose. It’s great but everyone knows what happens when you have one too many cups of coffee. Too much caffiene can cause unplesant side effects, but unless your particularly sensitive Instant Knockout’s amount seems about right.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know cayenne pepper has thermogenic effects. Any one of us who’s ever tried to get a little too brave in a Mexican restaurant will already know.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be sweating buckets this time, all the burning goes on below the radar through the day.

The capsicum in this cayenne raises the body’s core temperature, again forcing it to start a regulating process to cool the body back down. Both heating up and cooling down takes extra energy, which burns through more calories. Even if you’re at rest.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6

Vitamins B6 & B12

These two may play a supporting role to the headline acts above, but they’re still important.

Vitamin B12 is an effective energy booster which also helps speed up the metabolism and encourage muscle growth by improving the efficiency of essential protein processing.

Both help energy levels and metabolism efficiency, while B6 in particular is useful for better allowing glycogen to turn into glucose internally. This prevents us from requiring more carbs externally in our diet. B6 also promotes muscle growth by increasing the absorption of vital amino acids and proteins. More muscle, less fat.

Black Pepper

Other Ingredients

  • Zinc
  • Chromium GTF
  • Black Pepper Extract


As a package, Instant Knockout is definitely the strongest natural fat burner we’ve seen yet. Remember, it’s made to support guys and girls doing just about the most physically demanding thing you could expect a body to do, so it would have to be.

Instant Knockout is a really difficult product to fault, if we had one small complaint it’s that the price is a little high, but everything about this product reassures you that you’re paying for quality.

Remember however much it hurts paying a little extra for top of the line, it still beats the hell out of climbing into a cage and having to fight for it.

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tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody who has heard of Instant Knockout fat burner from Roar Ambition and wants to know the details about the product and the company.
I am busy - summarize it for me

If you are looking into serious fat burners you don't have to look far before you run into Instant Knockout. A hardcore natural fat burner that used MMA fighters as the original testers. Does it deserve it's fight record?

We hit it hard with a blow by blow review that doesn't pull any punches.

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  • Overall Score: 9.2/10