Test Freak

Test Freak

Test Freak - one of the old boys on the natural test booster market, and sibling to Anabolic Freak.

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Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody who has heard on Test Freak and wants to know more about the product and the company that makes it.
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A bit of a mixed bag of ingredients - some good ones in good doses, some good ones in bad doses, some ok ones in ok doses and some bad ones in good doses. We don't like the company and we don't like the product.

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Test Freak Review

Test Freak is a testosterone booster from supplement company Pharmafreak. It aims to naturally increase the body’s own testosterone levels, bringing users the physical and mental advantages that come with raised test,

  • improved strength and stamina
  • better sex drive
  • enhanced mood

Straight away we would take some issue with how Test Freak has gone about this. We prefer to see our supplements avoiding falling into the trap of using proprietary blends (mixtures which only report the names of ingredients and the overall volume of the combination) but Test Freak hasn’t so much avoided this trap as cannonballed into it off the high dive by including 3 blends.

Test Freak

The company itself also has a habit of trying to suppress reviews on it’s products. Let’s find out why…

How Does Test Freak Work?

Before we delve into the mysteriously dosed proprietary blends it’s worth mentioning that there are three ingredients which are listed separately with doses;

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)

Vitamin B6 is known to be a really effective means of regulating the production and effect of oestrogen in the body. It works with the C2 pathway, waiting until the oestrogen has bound to a receptor and then slowing down gene activity, effectively neutralising the female hormones influence on our system. Why is this important? Well because testosterone and oestrogen are on opposite ends of the famous hormonal balance; with one reigned in, the other can soar. 10.5mg is a really well chosen amount too.

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate)

Magnesium is a great inclusion which really lends weight to Test Freak’s claim of helping to increase free testosterone i.e. the testosterone in the user system that isn’t rendered inactive by the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, and is free for your body to use. Magnesium is amongst the best natural ways of freeing bound testosterone, allowing our systems to make use of more of it and start feeling the benefits. They could maybe have gone a little higher than 90mg on this, but it’s still ball park for good results.

Zinc (as Zinc Acetate)

Zinc is another great mineral for boosting our testosterone, arguably the best. Healthy supplies of zinc are essential for stimulating luteinizing hormone, which in turn plays an equally essential part in the production of testosterone in the testes. Well maintained zinc levels – sometimes difficult given the lack of it in our diet – have been linked to high amount of serum testosterone in the body, and the 30mg in Test Freak is right on the money for ideal quantities.

Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex

So now we come to the first of the proprietary blends, the Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex and clocks in at a massive 2.1g, so you would hope they’ve made it worthwhile.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenun greacum)

Here under the brand name TestoFen, fenugreek is actually a pretty good choice. Fenugreek is widely acknowledged for its potent libido enhancing qualities, going some way towards making good on Test Freak’s promise in that area, but it is helpful in other ways too.

Fenugreek is a 4-hydroxyisoleucine compound, meaning it has a hand in controlling blood sugar levels and regulating insulin; if insulin gets too high this negatively affects testosterone levels so this ingredient’s ability to keep them in check allows the male hormone to significantly increase.

Although no individual dosage is cited on the label, the Test Freak website boasts of a sizable 700mg of fenugreek being included which is a significant amount and not by any means unwelcome, so why not just stick it on the bottle?

Tribulus Terrestris

Sadly fenugreek shares this blend with something of a nightmare neighbour. Tribulus Terrestris was once billed as an effective testosterone booster but over time and under clinical scrutiny this promise has fallen away.

It still may have some positive effect on libido, but that is really it’s only redeeming quality at it has spectacularly failed to produce any significant evidence of male hormone stimulating capability. Again, while a specific amount is nowhere to found on the label, the website proudly declares a dose of 1000mg. Yikes. Should’ve kept this one hidden in the blend; outdated, discredited, a total waste of space. There are just so many better ways of filling 1000mg in a test boosting capsule.

Proprietary DHT Support Complex

The next blend, Proprietary DHT Support Complex, is again made up of two main ingredients but is only given a comparatively small 280g to share between them.

Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa repens)

This mixture of fatty acids is used in several testosterone boosters but unfortunately its popularity does not reflect its effectiveness. In clinical trials it has shown zero ability to help testosterone levels, however occasionally has shown a degree of ability to prevent unhealthy prostate growth. No clue is given to how much of this ingredient is included by Test Freak.

Stinging Nettle Extract (Urtica dioica)

Stinging nettle is a good inclusion because it is a potent aromatase inhibitor, aromatase being the enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen, so it’s effectively another estrogen suppressant alongside B6.

Importantly though, it can also help to increase free testosterone by binding with SHBG in the place of testosterone. Provided nettle is given its fair share of that 280mg, there should be enough of it for Test Freak to get results; but that’s impossible to say for sure.

Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex

The last blend is Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex which contains three components, dividing up an even smaller 150g.


Hesperidin is a citrus based flavonoid which has some solid antioxidant qualities as well as some slightly less conclusive claims to being an aromatase inhibitor, hence its inclusion in this blend.

We – and more importantly the scientific community – are yet to be convinced by hesperidin as an anti-estrogen player and even as if it does have the chops in this area, fighting for a share of 150g it might struggle to use them.


This bioflavonoid is found in Bacopa Monneiri and has shown some abilities to reduce stress and aid sleep. Stress can be a real barrier to optimum testosterone levels as the hormone produced when we’re under pressure, cortisol, blocks testosterone production. Therefore anything which keeps us chilled will be useful in maintaining better testosterone quantities.


A buzz was created around Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, when it was suggested it may have life extending qualities, but Test Freak are more interested in its potential to ‘support estrogen to testosterone conversion.’

An in vitro study in 2006 did point to a reduction in testosterone to estrogen conversion in breast cancer cells, however there has been little in the way of human studies to support this and we think it’s a little early to be pitching it in this way.

How Do I Take It?

Test Freak directs you take 4 capsules daily. This is pretty reasonable both in terms of being enough to get results and not being too much of an inconvenience.

Side Effects

Based on the ingredients in this booster we wouldn’t expect to see any adverse side effects and the reports appear to back that up.

Where Can I Get Test Freak?

Test Freak is available from a range of online retailers giving you some opportunity to shop around for the best deal. We generally found a one month supply of 120 capsules on sale for around the $50 (£30) mark.


The Scores

Ingredients (5/10) – Test Freak has some high spots in its recipe; the zinc and vitamin B6 are welcome and absolutely on point in terms of dosage, the magnesium is nearly there, and the generous amounts of fenugreek ensure you’re likely to see some improvements in the gym and bedroom. On the other hand though there is just one too many unproven choices (such as Saw Palmetto and Hesperidin) here to justify a higher score and giving 1000mg over to something as useless as trib while opting to miss out D-Aspartic Acid altogether is unforgivable.

Price (6/10) – Even though Test Freak is available from various different outlets and you have a bit of scope to shop around, the $50/£30 cost we found most often is quite pricey considering the score on ingredients. However, it’s not outrageous, and given that it’s available from multiple retailers (who often discount), this score would increase if you got it at a sale price.

Testimonials (6/10) – The Pharmafreak website gives much more focus to the impressive stable of high performance athletes who appear endorsing the brand, meaning that experiences from every day guys using it are hard to come by. For slightly more relatable testimonials you’re mostly limited to reviews on the sites where Test Freak is available. These can be inconsistent in how much information they provide, meaning you have to try and piece a coherent picture together, which is not ideal. The reviews we found were mixed, with generally positive just edging it.

Trustworthiness 4/10) – Previously, the only thing we take issue with is the use of proprietary blends. Only 100% clarity on ingredients gets full marks from us. Recently the company has started behaving like some kind of oppressive eastern european dictatorshop from the 90s though. Shame.

Company (3/10) – Pharmafreak were formerly a well respected company but they’ve recently tried to suppress any reviews of their products which don’t match up to their own opinions of their products. We can’t condone this, we can’t condone them.


The ingredients in Test Freak are pretty patchy. Fenugreek, vitamin B6, nettle root, magnesium and zinc, provide a solid base that will doubtless help your testosterone and performance to an extent. But underwhelming components like saw palmetto and just plain terrible choices like tribulus terrestris, along with the lack of massively powerful testosterone boosting staples hamper it badly.

The other big issue is that not only do the company not want you finding out what’s in their blend – they don’t even want you reading this review. They actively try to suppress reviews of their products. Secretive Squared.

Ultimately there are better options out there for this kind of money if it’s at full price, if it’s at a discount it may be worth a try.

tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Anybody who has heard on Test Freak and wants to know more about the product and the company that makes it.
I am busy - summarize it for me

A bit of a mixed bag of ingredients - some good ones in good doses, some good ones in bad doses, some ok ones in ok doses and some bad ones in good doses. We don't like the company and we don't like the product.

Our Supplement Rating
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  • Overall Score: 4.1/10

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