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Guys impressed by the look of the Jacked Factory range are and encouraged that it's a strong seller on
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For a booster promising to surge your T, it doesn't have a whole heck of a lot of tools to actually do it. Nothing here is use-less, but it's also not all that use-ful. Check out our review to see what we mean.

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  • Overall Score: 5.4/10
  • Positive

    • No proprietary blends
    • Contains boron
    • Good serving schedule
    • Vegetarian friendly
  • Negative

    • Hardly any serious T boosters
    • Most components under dosed
    • Some relatively unproven ingredients
    • No anti-estrogen elements.


Just like a good story, there are two sides to every serious T boosting effort. It’s all about getting testosterone up, but also keeping the female hormone, estrogen down.

The good folks at Jacked Factory clearly understand this. We recently reviewed their ANDROSURGE Estrogen Blocker, now it’s the turn of PRIMASURGE, which takes up the duties of getting your T moving in the right direction once E is out the way.

Switched on readers probably have a question at this point. So yes … you there, looking ripped with your hand up? You’re right, it is possible for a single supplement to include both sides of the T boosting equation effectively.


That’s the main reason for this review really. To find out if splitting the effort between two supplements means better results for you, or better profits for them.

PRIMASURGE promises everything you might expect from a test booster:

  • Increased testosterone
  • Improved strength & muscle mass
  • Fat loss
  • Higher libido

It also at least delivers on something you can’t always guarantee -> there are no proprietary blends. That means a full list of ingredients used and their dosages.

It’s your body, it’s your money, it’s your right to have all the facts.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Eurycoma Longfolia to stimulate libido
  • Zinc to support healthy T production
  • DIM to control estrogen
  • Grape seed to limit female hormone and provide antioxidants
  • Rhodiola to raise energy

So not a lot in there to be fair. Who cares about quantity if you’ve got quality, and we can look for that more closely after the scores …

The Scores

The Scores

We admire any supplement that’s proud to show off it’s ingredients in full and not hide them in a blend. In this case though we’ve got to wonder where that pride actually comes from.

There’s only one direct T booster in this product and the rest just kind of help out round the edges, increasing stamina and libido. Or at least they would if there wasn’t an issue with how little of almost everything there is. If you’re not going to include active doses what’s the point?


If you’re talking general price range for these kind of supplements then around the $30 mark PRIMASURGE looks in pretty good shape. In the context of value for money though, not so hot.

The formula is so lightweight that what you save in money chances are you’ll only be wasting in time. Remember this is part of a stack with ANDROSURGE too, so in the long run possibly not even that cheap.


Let’s start with the good news for a change. PRIMASURGE is manufactured in the U.S so we can be certain it’s safe to take. Not only that but as we mentioned (and will keep mentioning because it’s so damn important) there are no proprietary blends. That means all the info is there on the label for anyone to see.

Unfortunately most consumers only buy something because they trust it is going to be effective. Looking at the problems with PRIMASURGE, from our perspective we can’t see how this booster will help as much as promised. Presenting this lineup s the best on the market is at best cheeky, at worst misleading.


We only really have user feedback to go on because there’s no indepth testimonals provided anywhere else. In fairness these are currently 70% positive, which is far from bad.

It’s worth remembering that amazon review sections are not hard things to skew for marketing purposes and in most cases there’s nothing like the kind of detail we’d be looking for before making an informed decision to buy.


Jacked Factory have a modest range of supplements mostly centred around boosting T and burning fat. A lot of the info on their website centres around mission the statement , which is nice but a little more background would’ve been better.

That said the company are GMP certified and they do offer a money back guarantee if you buy directly from the offical site.

How Do I Take It?

Users take 1 capsule 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

This is actually a fairly strong serving schedule. By topping up active ingredients at regular points throughout the day, any advantages this booster has will not begin to wear off later on.

If we were being really picky, we’d say there’s probably room for one extra serving in there, but hey, let’s give PRIMASURGE the win.

Any PRIMASURGE Side Effects?

One of the advantages of no proprietary blends is it’s easier to spot potential problems with side effects. In this case we can’t see there being much of a worry, outside of individual allergies.

Where Can I Get It?

Customers will find PRIMASURGE at for $35 for a 1 month supply.

Ingredients – In Detail



Ashwagandha is a really useful adaptogen, meaning it aids the body adapt to stress. This can either be physical, as in allowing you to exercise for longer, or mental working to relieve stress.

It is shown to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, at doses of around 250-300mg. We’ve got 250mg here, so that’s a real plus.

It can also affect T directly but only when taken in large doeses of around 5g

Safed Musli Extract

Mainly rat studies have shown that in theory it could help reduce stress and boost libido and erection strength.

Problem is it needs massive amounts even to possibly do any of this. We’re talking 100mg/kg of weight, so you can imagine the kind of effect just 125mg per serving have. (Psst, if you can’t the answer is, not much)

Shalagit Extract

Shilajit is something that has been used in traditional medicines for years and is just now been explored by Western medicine. But it looks like Shilagit could live up to the legit part of its name.

With an increase in follicle stimulating hormone being noted at just 200mg. T itself also rose significantly, but only in infertile men.

PRIMASURGE only has 125mg but Shilajit is still one of the stronger choices. (Not a high bar so far

Tongkat Ali / Eurycoma Longfolia

Eurycoma Longfolia

This does have some T boosting credentials, but they’re not all that impressive.

If you are classed as clinically low then some evidence exists it may sneak but if you back into normal range, but as far as reaching your natural peak? It’s out of its league.

There may be some slight help for your libido at just 100mg even that’s doubtful.


Boron is a really strong choice, which not enough boosters include in our opinion. Even a small amount can increase free T (the stuff not bound by SHBG) and other studies show it can also reduce estrogen.

Just 10mg was enough to see results and PRIMASURGE offers 5mg in each of its 2-3 servings. It’s got a shot at doing some good.

Anything Missing?

Apart from Boron, which is has the smallest volume in the whole formula, what PRIMASURGE is missing is any serious direct T boosters at all.

Where’s the ZMA, the vitamin D3 and the D-Aspartic Acid? These are all essential starting points for the best boosters on the market and they’ve gone walkabout here.


What PRIMASURGE needs – if not a serious formula rethink – is a slight name change. The dictionary definition of a Primadonna is “a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance.”

Obviously this is a supplement not a person but the rest of that sounds about right to us. One to miss.

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tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Guys impressed by the look of the Jacked Factory range are and encouraged that it's a strong seller on
I am busy - summarize it for me

For a booster promising to surge your T, it doesn't have a whole heck of a lot of tools to actually do it. Nothing here is use-less, but it's also not all that use-ful. Check out our review to see what we mean.

Our Supplement Rating
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 5.4/10

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