KA-POW Testosterone Booster

KA-POW Testosterone Booster

If supplements were The Justice League, then this is Aquaman.

tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Guys who wanted to get ripped in their sleep. Think a sit-up without the sitting up. Can you really get T while getting Zs? We're about to find out.
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ... a bit of a disappointment really. A selection of good ingredients are let down by dosage problems, poor serving schedule and the need to stack with another expensive product. Read the full review to find out where it falls down.

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  • Overall Score: 5.9/10
  • Positive

    • A good selection of T boosters
    • May help promote restful sleep
    • Reasonably priced
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blend
    • Missing key elements
    • Poor serving schedule
    • Needs to be bought in addition to daytime booster.

KA-POW Testosterone Booster Review

In case you haven’t noticed, superheroes are everywhere right now. Go to movies and you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who keeps their underwear under their pants these days. You’re no one without a cape.

But whatever you think of those guys’ and their fondness for spandex, there’s no denying the physiques and performance.

So it’s no surprise a booster like KA-POW Testosterone Booster has popped that tries to ride this wave of popularity.

KA-POW is an overnight testosterone booster (all the coolest heroes work at night) which claims;

  • Higher free and overall T
  • Lower estrogen
  • Improved strength, muscle and libido

It is recommended that KA-POW is stacked with a daytime booster of your choice, so you could argue it’s more of a sidekick. Is it worth adding if you’ve already got a booster that works for you?

Annoyingly KA-POW Testosterone Booster uses a proprietary blend. This means no individual doses are given for ingredients.

Just names and an overall volume. We think this is probably taken the superhero secrecy a bit far, but let’s take a look and find out if KA-POW is masked is because it’s a hero, or because it’s planning to rob you.

How Does KA-POW Testosterone Booster Work?

At a Glance

  • Minerals zinc and magnesium to promote male hormone creation and raise free T.
  • Tribulus apparently to stimulate overall T
  • Vitamin B6 to supposedly DIM suppress estrogen
  • Nettle root to further boost free T
  • Theacrine, Valerian & melatonin to promote restful sleep

We’ll look closer at how each of these choices is likely to perform right after the scores.

The Scores

The Scores

There are actually a fair amount of useful T boosters in KA-POW and even the few ingredients that don’t really help T are there to improve rest. Boron, fenugreek, nettle, vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium, are all good choices. The problem is mainly amounts.

KA-POW’s formula volume isn’t that big and contains a lot of components. That means small amounts of everything, which will be enough in some cases but not in others. Thanks to the proprietary blend, we can’t say.

Not all the choices are great either, DIM is unconvincing and Tribulus is a total dud.

To be honest we’re not a huge fan of the overnight gimmick. It seems kind of pointless. So we’d much rather do away with the rest aids and dedicate the whole formula to getting that hormone flowing!


Under $30 is not bad for a T booster. It’s the lower end of mid range and if this was a stand alone product we might score it higher.

But remember this is to be taken together with a daytime supplement, which makes KA-POW more of an expensive extra than a reasonably cheap main event. We say it’s better to shop smart and go for one brand that gets results without too much stacking.


We had some trouble tracking down Hero’s lair (website – more on that later) so we had to rely on user feedback from shops where it’s on sale to get any sense of quality.

It’s reviewed pretty positively on Amazon, but a lot of that is just star ratings and a few nice words. Even the longer testimonials get nowhere near the kind of detail we’d be looking for before deciding to buy.

And they’re are enough people out there who aren’t blown away to make us doubt it.


We THINK KA-POW Testosterone booster is manufactured in the U.S, so it’s probably had to comply with the strict nanufacturing laws, but we can’t be sure.

There’s the obvious problem with the proprietary blend too. About the best we can say for this product is that none of its ingredients are likely to cause side effects and we haven’t heard any concerning reports. That still falls short of the standards of information you should have before buying though.


If there one aspect of the whole crime fighter vibe Hero Supplements have got down, it’s the secrecy.

The closest thing to a website we found was a face book page. This took you straight to a Paypal page where you could buy one of 3 supplements. This a muscle pump booster and a pre-workout.

All felt a little seedy be honest, Come on guys tell us a bit about yourselves, woo us a little bit. Not great.

How Do I Take It?

Users take 2 caps just before bed.

Night time, day time, whenever, this isn’t the best serving schedule.

But the fact remains only one serving will stimulate your hormones for a few hours tops then taper off. Make sure you’ve got a booster with better servings working the day shift.

Any KA-POW Testosterone Booster Side Effects?

We don’t see anything in this formula that should concern you as far as side effects.

Where Can I Get It?

A month’s supply of KA-POW Testosterone Booster for just under $29

Ingredients – In Detail


Vitamin B6

Good start. B6 works to slow the production of the female hormone, estrogen, and limit its influence once it’s attached to the receptors. T is on the opposite end of your hormonal balance, if one is strong, the other is weak. B6 tips things in the right direction.

We are given dose in this case, 3mg. Could be higher but it’s better than nothing.



A combination of zinc and magnesium are pretty much the bedrock for any serious booster. Zinc sets to work stimulating luteinizing, human growth and folicle stimulating hormones, which healthy T relies on. Magnesium helps to limit the SHBG protein, which ties up T and makes it useless, leaving more for us to play with.

150mg of magnesium is solid enough, but given its importance and that our tolerance is as high as 40mg a day, just 10mg of zinc could be better.


Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

Sure as every hero has their powers, they’ve also got their weakness. Tribulus might well be KA-POW’s. Championed as a T booster decades ago, it’s somehow hung on to that reputation despite all clinical evidence pointing to it doing nothing. It may slightly raise libido in high doses but that’s it.

We’re in to the proprietary blend here so we have no amount, but you can be sure it’s a waste. Especially in a booster with such a small overall volume


Boron Citrate

Boron is great as it again lowers activity of SHBG. It has also been shown to simultaneously reduce the female hormone, giving T free reign. There’s 100mg of boron citrate here, containing 5% boron. 5mg of boron will get the job done.




Nettle is a great choice. The beta sitosterol in nettle is great for lowering SHBG count and leaving more of the good stuff free to use.




A useful adaptogen, meaning it helps the body better cope with stress, like exercise. So it’s not the worst ingredient in the world, but it doesn’t directly boost T in the way that some other choices might.



Mucuna Pruriens

Promotes the amino acid L-DOPA, which not only stimulates T but also cut cortisol, the stress hormone. Lowering cortisol stops it blocking T being and improves your mood. It would be handy to know the amount.




Another decent choice because fenugreek increases libido (maybe not what you want while you’re trying to sleep), stimulates androgens and balances blood sugar. Balancing your blood sugars are important because this regulates insulin levels, stopping them from negatively affecting T.




You find DIM in green leafy veg, it shows promise blocking estrogen in some studies, but the problem is in other trials it raises the female hormone. This is to do with dose and since we don’t know what that is in KA-POW it’s a risk.



Three ingredients all promoting sleep and restoration. Theacrine is thought to promote calmness, Valerian is sometimes used as an alternative treatment for anxiety and melatonin is the chemical released in our brain when it’s time to sleep.

No help for T then, but they do serve part of this booster’s purpose. Assuming the dose is right. Which we can’t know.

Anything Missing?

Essentials like D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D3 aren’t included and would’ve really have given KA-POW Testosterone Booster the hit its name tries to suggest?


There are a handful of good ingredients here and nothing – except tribulus – is all that bad. It’s not overly expensive, but remember, you’re supposed to buy this over and above a daytime booster, which won’t be cheap either. So do you actually need it?

The answer on this evidence is no. There are plenty of great natural T boosters out there that will get the most out of your hormones when you need it most, during the day.

KA-POW Testosterone Booster isn’t bad, it’s just added expense and with so many questions over dosage, it’s not one that really justifies itself. If supplements were The Justice League, then this is Aquaman.

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tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Guys who wanted to get ripped in their sleep. Think a sit-up without the sitting up. Can you really get T while getting Zs? We're about to find out.
I am busy - summarize it for me

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ... a bit of a disappointment really. A selection of good ingredients are let down by dosage problems, poor serving schedule and the need to stack with another expensive product. Read the full review to find out where it falls down.

Our Supplement Rating
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  • Overall Score: 5.9/10

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