• Positive

    • Contains some good T boosting minerals
    • May help libido
    • Very cheap
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blend
    • Contains outdated tribulus terrestris
    • Missing anti-estrogen profile
    • Lacks some key T boosters
    • Poor serving schedule
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.3/10

VirMax T Review

Dropping testosterone affects us all as we age.  It leads to reduced performance in the places like the gym am and bedroom, so low T often means confidence levels to match.  In theory that’s where natural boosters like VirMax T from Natural Health Solutions can help.  But does this particular one help in practise?


VirMax T’s main goal is restoring the older guy’s sexual performance and enjoyment.  Since testosterone is the fuel which lights this fire it makes perfect sense they would attempt this with a T booster.

T also burns body fat so the products also claims to get rid of that soft middle some guys get in later life, keeping you in peak shape.  If you want have great sex you’ve got to attract people to have it with, right?

It’s currently endorsed ex NBA champ, John Salley, which is really promising but let’s check out if he’s in it for the T or the fee.

VirMax T puts of a lot of its most important ingredients in a proprietary blend, meaning we can’t talk about their exact doses.  This is so frustrating because active ingredients are the most important thing in any booster.

But let’s crack on anyway and see what we’ve got.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Magnesium to help free testosterone
  • Zinc to support T creation
  • Tribulus Terrestris to supposedly boost T
  • Ginseng for libido and blood flow
  • Lonjack to help sex drive and erection strength
  • Fenugreek to stimulate T and control blood sugars

There’s a fair bit to cover there and we’ll do just that, right after the scores

The Scores

The Scores

These ingredients are okay, but not spectacular.  Zinc and magnesium are great for T but both could do to be a little stronger.  The blend system is annoying but apart from Tribulus, nothing is unless.  Fenugreek kelps T and while we’d normally criticise Lonjack for just being good for the bedroom, That’s what VirMax T is all about,  It’s still missing a lot compared to top boosters though.


VirMax T is widely available so there’s lots of chance to shop around.  Under $20 is great for a booster, but you have to balance the cost against the value.  VirMax T isn’t the complete booster, you’re not paying as much as you could, but you’re not getting as much either.


While VirMax T checks out from a safety point of view undisclosed amounts on labels always gets you marked down in our book.  Passing Tribulus off as something trials have proved it isn’t, doesn’t win any fans here either.


There is no testimonial section on the official website so we’ve to rely on customer ratings on retail sites.  There are plenty of these as you can get VirMax T in loads of places.  This might sound like a plus, but these are only star ratings and paragraphs, which are very mixed.  So it’s impossible to get any kind of detail or consistency a testimonial section brings.


Natural Health Solutions Llc have been around since 2006 and are based in Maryland in the U.S.  In their time they have developed quite a range of supplements.  These include sleep aids, energy boosters and another sexual enhancement product.  We couldn’t find major complaints and John Salley’s involvement lends weight.  Shame they use those damn blends and Trib!