• Positive

    • No proprietary blend
    • Dosages are good on most ingredients in the formula
    • Numerous proven, standout test boosting ingredients
    • Trustworthy company
    • Available worldwide from multiple sources
    • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Negative

    • Serving schedule could be improved
    • Could have more proven test boosters in formula
    • Lacking anti-estrogen components
    • Expensive
    • Lacking in-depth testimonials
    • NMDAA underdosed
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 7.9/10

The idea that vegetarians being more at risk of low T due to their diet has been thoroughly disproved … but that doesn’t mean those of us who forsake the steak don’t deserve a bit of natural help from supplements in the same way as the carnivores.

Most test boosters aren’t vegetarian friendly as (aside from the obvious issue of the ingredients), most products use capsules that contain gelatin.

Core Alpha steps in as a veggie friendly alternative, describing itself as an;

‘ultra-potent natural hormone optimiser, which not only maintains testosterone levels, but also stimulates production and promote muscle growth.’

So we know what to expect when they pick up Core Alpha, but will we be disappointed?

Core Alpha

How Does It Work?

Core Alpha’s refreshing directness extends as far as its all-important ingredients, which aren’t hidden in a completely unnecessary proprietary blend.

We have full disclosure on doses. In short, a reviewer’s (not to mention, a consumer’s) dream.

Ingredients Summary

  • Solid test booster vitamin D3 in a good dose
  • Zinc included to help free testosterone and overall testosterone
  • Coleus Forskohlii for test boosting and fat burning.
  • Attempts to address estrogen with 3-Desoxy, 7-Keto DHEA and Brassaiopsis glomerulata
  • Mucuna Pruriens helps boost testosterone and inhibits cortisol (the stress hormone) which blocks testosterone and negatively effects mood
  • DAA variant in a poor dose

We fully analyse the ingredients and the dosages chosen for Core Alpha later in the article. First though … let’s get down to brass tacks, how does it rate?

The Scores

The Scores

Core Alpha is a really strong booster with just a few little niggles. It has some truly standout ingredients such as D3, zinc and muncuna pruriens. However the NMDAA is badly under dosed, the serving schedule good be better and a few more anti-estrogen componests wouldn’t go a miss. Nevertheless, on balance this one of the stronger ingredient profile’s we’ve seen lately.


For all its undoubted plus points, £50/$60 is a lot to spend on a supplement regularly and we’re not sure it’s quite impressive enough across the board to warrant such a high price. There are other brands for a similar price which are generally more on point.


Trustworthiness (9/10) – Core Alpha is made in the U.S and is subject to all the good manufacturing practises that come with that, it has a fully dosed ingredient list on the on display and no dangerous components. A few elements are light on clinical evidence, but apart from that, no problem.


Testimonials were hard to come by for this product, even sites that had it on sale didn’t have a lot in the way of reviews. The few we found were plausibly positive however and there’s enough quality displayed on the label to convince us this isn’t a scam.


Core Nutritionals is the brain child of husband and wife team, bodybuilder Doug Miller, and pro-figure competitor, Stephanie Miller. They currently have an extensive range of supplements to aid workouts and muscle building in various ways, none of which use proprietary blends as a rule. As a nice added feature the couple themselves are available to offer advice and answer the questions of customers.