Boss Shape & Burn

Boss Shape & Burn

Booty call.

tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Women looking for the ultimate booty building workout guide. Which also covers abs and waist. Anybody who has heard of Boss Shape and Burn and wants to know more.
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This package is at the top end of the market. If you want a 'butt building' regime then all you need to provide is yourself, a gym, and a lot of dedication and hard work.

  • Positive

    • Very focused programme. Not condescending.
    • Suitable for beginners through to advanced
    • Lifetime access for one payment
    • Very high quality video production
    • Exercises explained in detail
    • Extensive Guides – Workout, Nutrition, Recipes
    • iOS and Android Apps
    • Not full of upsells and cross-brand promotions
  • Negative

    • Premium product = premium price
    • Challenging. This will get results but it’s won’t be easy
    • Must be done in a gym, this isn’t a home workout programme.
Workout Stats: Boss Shape & Burn
What You GetProgram DurationWriting QualityDevice
Video, PDF, App 12 WeeksExcellent Smartphone, PC
Target AudienceGoalsProduction Quality

The Ultimate Booty, plus lower body, abs and waist.

Author BioContent TypeValue for Money

Lee Bell and Niki Zager

Stream Excellent
Overall Value
What You Get Video, PDF, App
Program Duration 12 Weeks
Writing QualityExcellent
Device Smartphone, PC
Target AudienceWomen.

The Ultimate Booty, plus lower body, abs and waist.

Production QualityExcellent
Author Bio

Lee Bell and Niki Zager

Content TypeStream
Value for Money Excellent
Overall ValueExcellent

Boss Shape and Burn Review

From the locker of Boss Workouts : Shape and Burn, a workout program specifically targeting women who want to get leaner, build a more shapely, athletic lower body, a toned mid-section and a killer booty.

In addition to these aesthetic goals, additional benefits which the program aims to deliver are;

  • Drop body fat
  • Increase strength (without building huge amounts of muscle)
  • Increase confidence and empowerment

The program is split into 3 specific phases, each lasting 4 weeks and each with their own specific aim. The program design isn’t as intricate as an athlete periodization plan, but then it doesn’t really need to be.

It’s hosted by a well known US fitness coach called Niki Zager. We couldn’t help but like her. Dare I say it, she’s nowhere near as annoying as many online coaches doing fitness videos, Niki is authoritative but finds a great balance between kick ass coach and best friend. Importantly she manages to avoid the condescending tone that some trainers have.

How Does Boss Shape and Burn Work?

Phase 1: Lift and Tone

In the first phase there’s no longwinded intro, you hit the ground running. You’re given some exercises that you’ll possibly have never seen before – coupled with traditional favorites that have stood the test of time.

There are 3 training days, and a different workout on each of them. You repeat these for 4 weeks. The idea is that it’s long enough to master the movements, but not too long so you end up bored with them.

Given the aims of the programme, there’s an obvious focus on the booty, legs and abs. Each workout day gives you a new set of exercises. Your rep range is quite high too, the thinking being that this allows your muscles to be challenged without lifting too heavy to begin with.

We’ve taken a good look at this and in our opinion the structure of each training day has really been thought through. It’s not a random assortment of leg day exercises, but instead is organized so that you hit your legs with a glute and hamstring dominant exercise and then a quad dominant one. This allows for recovery between muscles, while still completing a high workout volume.

Phase 2: Strengthen and Curve

There’s a change up in intensity as you move into the middle phase An extra workout day for a start and the weights you lift will start to really switch the dial up to heavy.

There are new and definitely more challenging exercises which are even more specific to your glutes and legs. You will be sore in the morning, that’s for sure.

The shift in intensity is designed to help you burn more calories and really start to burn fat too. The muscle you discovered in that first phase will start getting well used.

Phase 3: Blast and Build

Weeks 9-12 see the biggest change to your program as you introduce some mini circuits to your fat fighting, ass-building repertoire.

Niki looks a bit less friendly and more assertive now as she takes you through new tri-set workouts which are made up of a squat-based exercise, a hinge-based lift (these are great for hitting the back of your legs and booty) and a lunge-focussed activity.

When put together, these three exercises will target every muscle in your lower body but also get your heart rate firing too. Ideal for fat burning and showing off that newly-formed hourglass body (assuming you’ve stuck it out and got this far!)


Shape and Burn is targeted at women who want to make a big difference to their bodies, regardless of whether they are a complete novice, or a more experienced gym goer looking for a new challenge.

The overall program promises to target a beach-ready physique by focusing on exercises that hit every part of your lower body, abs and waist. So if you’re wanting to ‘spot enhance’ these areas of your body then this is for you.

Is it better than other options on the market?

What we like most about this program is its adaptability. It suits everyone from a beginner who wants to start their journey to a more confident body, right through to the figure athlete who wants to get rid of those last couple of pounds of fat and shred right up for a show.


You can tell by the way the exercise selection progresses that this is a expertly crafted program and a lot of thought has gone into it. The way that each mini-goal is catered for shows that the training team at Boss understand logical exercise progressions.

We’ve seen time and time again the type of program that looks cool on paper but just doesn’t cut it when it’s time to actually get in the gym and apply it, but the way the reps, sets, rest times and program order is designed tell a story here.

Boss have avoided the pitfalls of modern glute training – the overly complicated, show-your-ass-off-at-every-attempt bullshit that fills up your Instagram. These are simple, effective glute, legs and tummy exercises that guarantee results.

It’s a refreshing change from an industry that is obsessed with style over substance.

This is one of the most comprehensive fitness guides we’ve seen. From the production value of the videos to the quality of the hosting; and from the standard of the exercise program to the supporting instruction, this is the best ‘butt building’ program on the market.

Have you ever considered the effects of your menstrual cycle on how well you can train in the gym? Or which foods compliment your booty-building the best? If you haven’t then the accompanying training and nutrition guides are a must read.

It also comes with sample diet plans – okay, most workout guides do – but this is a real world, usable diet plan. The meals are easy to prepare and the ingredients are basic. Exactly what you need to support your gym sessions.


It’s not cheap – this is at the expensive end of the workout guides on the market. But you certainly get what you pay for in this case, and remember you also get lifetime access to it all, which is quite unusual. It means you can back to it, and you probably would because…

Volume of information – with two detailed guides to read and a ton of videos to watch, you’re certainly getting value for money. There’s a lot to get through if you choose to take note of everything Boss are giving you.

It should be noted that technically don’t have to read the guides as the videos with Niki cover all of the main info you need.


This 12-week program is more than just a nicely designed PDF. It comes in the form of a comprehensive and detailed e-book, a digital app that covers everything from exercise instructions to online calculators and in-built training log.

We’ve not really seen anything with so much support, and it makes a refreshing change from the kind of badly formatted and plot hole-filled mini-guides that other companies provide.

But best of all?

It’s hosted from start to finish by enthusiastic, endearing and all-round professional Niki Zager – one of the most respected personal trainers and fitness models in the US. A high quality package, and easily our top recommendation for a booty building workout guide.

tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Women looking for the ultimate booty building workout guide. Which also covers abs and waist. Anybody who has heard of Boss Shape and Burn and wants to know more.
I am busy - summarize it for me

This package is at the top end of the market. If you want a 'butt building' regime then all you need to provide is yourself, a gym, and a lot of dedication and hard work.