Top Fat Burners For Women – 2019

It’s been proven through rigorous academic studies that it is more difficult for women to lose fat than it is for men. There are two main reasons for this;

1. Hormones

Women have around 6% of the testosterone levels compared to a man of similar size and weight. As we’ve covered in depth in this site, testosterone helps cut fat and build muscle. Women of course have higher estrogen and progesterone levels, and they result in stronger food cravings.

2. Size

Men are bigger than women, and have more muscle mass by bodyweight. Muscle burns calories, so men therefore tend to have faster metabolisms.

Which brings us to the point of the article. We decided to put together a list of fatburners that have been specifically formulated for women.

Just as our main Top 3 Fat Burners are suitable for both men and women, so are these products. If you are a man who is looking for the best low-stim options on the market, then this page is for you too.

Low Caffeine Fat Burners

Based on our experience of the supplements industry, the Number 1 complaint we’ve seen in relation to females and fat burners is stimulants. Supplement manufacturers tend to pack fat burners with caffeine, and for good reason;

It’s a cheap and highly effective way of boosting your metabolism

However the dosages involved are often very high even for men – pound for pound, the relatively lighter women often find that the caffeine content is just too much. Side effects such as racing heart, insomnia, dizziness, nausea and headaches can follow.

So we have assembled our top 3 fatburners with negligible caffeine content.

Our Rating System

Before we get started, let’s quickly cover the points we assess when we are rating a test booster. We go quite in-depth in this site in individual reviews, but to sum up what we are evaluating;

• The Ingredients – What is in it, and what are the dosages. Importantly, also what is missing.
• Price – Not just the cost but whether the product offers value for money or not.
• Availability – It might be wonderful, but can you actually buy it anywhere?
• Trust – You are putting these products into your body, can they be trusted?
• Testimonials – What are others saying about the product
• The Manufacturer – Who makes it, and what do we know about them.

The online world of supplements is a murky, shark-infested swamp of a place. We have navigated those swamps and dodged those sharks to bring you the best of the best.

Summary of Scores - Top 3 Fat Burners For Women

Our Top 3 Female Fat Burners – 2019


#1 – Hourglass
Gold Medal - Top Fat Burner

9 perfectly balanced ingredients thrusts Hourglass into the number one spot for fat burners for women.

The ingredients and dosages are ideal to attack fat through thermogenesis, appetite reduction, improved fat burning efficiency and bolstered energy. From a solid company, you can see yourself from the ‘positives and negatives’ list that it’s heavily weighted in favor of the positive.

  • Positives

    • A top quality formula
    • No proprietary blends
    • Good serving schedule
    • Money back guarantee
    • Fast Shipping Worldwide from UK and USA
    • cGMP manufactured in USA
    • All Natural
  • Negatives

    • Premium product = premium price
    • No promotions / Black Friday style discounts
    • Low in Stimulants – no use for those looking for a burner with a ‘kick’


With the best ingredient profile, Hourglass seals itself in the number 1 slot for female fat burners.

Their website is well worth a read just to get their insight into weight loss, and the reasons they’ve formlated the product the way they have. They spend some time debunking a lot of the myths that have been perpetuated in the fat loss industry.

A no-nonsense product from a no-nonsense company. Worthy winners of the gold medal.

#2 Leanbean
Silver Medal - Runner Up Fat Burner

Don’t be fooled by the green coffee bean in Leanbean, it’s not there for the caffeine. It’s there for the cholorogenic acid. Leanbean is another ultra low stimulant fat burner which is targeted at women. It’s in silver medal position on our list, an excellent pick.

  • Positives

    • All natural
    • Great green coffee bean blend
    • Potent energy, focus and metabolism boosters
    • Available in U.K & U.S
    • Trustworthy company
  • Negatives

    • Lacks key thermogenic ingredients
    • No appetite regulation
    • Stimulant strength too much for some
    • Features proprietary blend


Another great pick – we’ve been lucky in a way as there are many categories where there’s a runaway leader and two also-rans. Here we have a strong top 3.

Leanbean has a fantastic formulation and reputation, there’s a lot to like about both the company and their product. Highly recommended in silver spot..

#3 PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner Stim-Free
Bronze Medal - Third Placed Fat Burner

Unlike the other two candidates in this list, Fat Burner Stim-Free isn’t an extreme low stimulant fat burner, it’s a zero stimulant fat burner. Zero stim fat burners are very tricky to get right, but they have cleverly formulated it so that the ingredient profile effectively targets appetite, fat storage, energy and metabolism.

  • Positives

    • Strong clinical evidence for ingredients
    • Zero Stimulants
    • No artificial sweeteners, coloring, preservatives
    • Gluten free, non-GMO
    • Vegan friendly
    • Ships worldwide
    • Well respected company behind it
    • No proprietary blends
  • Negatives

    • Premium product = premium price
    • No discounts available
    • Only available form manufacturer
    • Free shipping on orders over $150 is for U.S. only.


Transparent Labs have an excellent track record of delivering quality. And this product is no exception, as the very thorough review of the product we wrote demonstrates, they have clearly done their homework and can demonstrate the thinking behind the formula and the dosages.

This product will help you feel good whilst you lose weight. A solid pick for the bronze position.


It’s a very tough call to rank these three fat burning superstars. In the end we’ve gone for Hourglass, Leanbean and PhysiqueSeries as our 1,2,3 but they are all top quality products.

We’d strongly recommend you continue your research by reading the full reviews, or by finding more information on the manufacturers websites.

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