BeOrganic Booster Testosterone

BeOrganic Booster Testosterone

Here we go again.

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Who is this article aimed at?
Um I dunno, James Bond fans who are in the market for a T booster and like how it introduces itself backwards
I am busy - summarize it for me

This is another of those identical formulas we've seen from a couple of brands over the past few months. So because they're exactly the same (not that great) it becomes about the extra touches to see if these prducts can set themselves apart. Let's see how Booster Testosterone does.

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  • Overall Score: 4.2/10
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    • No proprietary blends
    • May help libido
    • Cheap
  • Negative

    • Copied formula
    • Missing key ingredients
    • Uses debunked tribulus
    • Poor serving schedule

BeOrganics Booster Testosterone Review

There are so many options out there now that you really have to work hard if you want your testosterone booster to stand out .. or another way to go would be just not to bother.

This seems to be the approach taken by BeOrganics. Why? Because after god knows how many hours in a brainstorming session, those folks came up with the wildly creative, “Booster Testosterone”.

BeOrganics Booster

Of course this doesn’t really matter. What the hell, it worked for John Deacon/Deacon John from Queen for a while. As long as they have come up with an interesting new twist on what their product does.

If the formula that gets us there is fresh and innovative, that’s all that matters.

Except we can’t even give it that. This is exactly the same, cookie-cutter formula that we’ve come across in several other brands of late. Clearly they were far too busy trying to BeOrganic, than to even attempt to BeOriginal.

We will say there are no proprietary blends. All the ingredients are on the label with their dose.

But that’s likely less to do with any beliefs that the customer should know what they’re putting in their body than the fact that boosters they copied don’t have them either.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Magnesium to stimulate free T
  • Zinc to support T production
  • Tribulus Terrestris to allegedly boost T
  • Chrysin supposedly also boosts male hormone
  • Longjack & Horny Goat Weed to help sex drive and erection strength
  • Saw Palmetto to promote prostate health
  • Cissus Quadrangularis & Hawthorn berries to help weight loss and joints

So far so similar, maybe we’ll find some differences when we break down the detail after the scores

The Scores

The Scores

Magnesium and zinc are the ideal foundation for any booster, but if you just start building on that foundation with flimsy unconvincing rubbish, the end result won’t be great.

The most obvious mis-step is 750mg of the utterly discredited tribulus, which will do nothing to help your hormones. After that you have a pretty unimpressive lineup of ingredients that at best will possibly boost your sex drive and at worst are totally besides the point of a T supplement.

A lot of choices have too weak a dosage to do anything anyway and with such a weird and wonder…well, no actually, just weird we’re not sure how this is supposed to help during the day at all.


If you’re familiar with the price range of supplements, you might take one look at a product going for just over $15 and wonder why we’re not giving 11 out of 10 here. There’s no doubt that’s a competitive price. If there was anything much to like about Booster Testosterone we’d bite their hand off.

But there isn’t really. So effectively what’s happening is you’re being charged $15 for a whole lot of nothing. We’ve said it upwards of a hundred times: cheap is not the same as value for money. Just like pricey doesn’t always equal quality.


Like its weak T boosting twins. There’s nothing dangerous about Booster Testosterone. It’s made in the U.S. so has had to comply with regulations that ensure it’s safe for use. That’s really is the absolute minimum you should expect though.

It’s like going to a dinner party being served a slice of stale bread and giving the host kudos because you didn’t get food poisoning. The weak, copied formula seriously makes you wonder about the makers’ motives as well as what other corners they might be willing to cut. Not great.


Only Amazon reviews to go on, 40 to be exact, all of them perfect. So why no full marks? Because much like the price of these boosters, it’s value of review that matters more than star ratings.

There’s nothing like the kind of detail here you would get from an in-depth testimonial. We need names, pictures, before and after body stats, more than just a few lines of text. Natural supplement users aren’t stupid. We need stronger evidence to convince us these reviews aren’t fake and this product is worth our time.


We could hardly dig up any info on BeOrganics online. Apart from the small amount of mainly marketing slogans given on Amazon. Just another unanswered question and another reason not to feel all that comfortable.

How Do I Take It?

There is such a thing as night time T boosters now and if you were to just look at Booster Testosterone’s serving schedule you might think it was one.

1 serving of 3 caps just before bed is straight up bizarre. Normally we criticise single serve supplements because one serving will only carry you so far before you have to top up to refresh the effects. But it hardly even matters here because in all but a few cases, you’ll be sleeping.

How much T do you need to toss and turn a bit and occasionally scratch your balls? We’re not saying a night booster can’t be a useful cherry on top but taking your main booster before bed? Mental.

A booster with 3 or 4 servings a DAY to keep ingredients working at their peak is what you should aim for.

Any Booster Testosterone Side Effects?

Saw palmetto in rare cases can cause dizziness, headaches and stomach upsets. Other than that one of the few great advantages of a weak booster is little to no chance of side effects.

Where Can I Get It?

Customers will find Booster Testosterone at with a month’s supply setting you back $17.

Ingredients – In Detail



One of the very few high spots. For healthy T you need plenty of luteinizing hormone, growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. For those you need a strong supply of zinc. It’s hard to get enough from food so supplements are a good idea. Don’t over do it but 30mg is spot on.



The amount of T you’ve got in your system doesn’t always equal the amount you’re using. The reason for that is the protein SHBG, which binds to to T rendering it unusable. One of the best natural ways to safely combat that is magnesium. It lowers your SHBG count, freeing up more T for you to use. 200mg is a safe and effective level.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

This is the T boosting version of a buzz kill. As soon as you see a 750mg dose of this the party is over. Despite a reputation as a useful hormone stimulator back in like the 50s, since then it’s failed to impress in almost every clinical trial. Total dud.

In large doses it may help your libido but sex drive promoters is not something Booster Testosterone is short of. Plus that effect should is just a bonus, a main ingredient should be doing more.


This ingredient is like a Stephen King short story. Because it starts off fine, chrysin has been able to boost T in the past, but then HORRIBLE TWIST KLAXON it needs to be injected into the testicles, orally it does nothing.

We choose natural to skip needles, thanks but no thanks.

Tongkat Ali / Eurycoma Longfolia

Eurycoma Longfolia

An ingredient of many names (and not much else) Longjack – also known as Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longfolia – can restore clinically low T to the normal range, but won’t help us get anywhere near our natural peak.

It is a little more convincing in the libido department however, so if that’s all you’re worried about you might be okay.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed doesn’t bring anything to the table really, unless you’re planning to have sex on the table. Another aphrodisiac with some limited erectogenic (did I just create that word or did I read it somewhere?) qualities. [ Editor’s Note: My spellcheck is telling me you just made that word up. ]

No help for T though.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto Berries

No real help for T but in the right dose – which we seriously doubt is 50mg – it could help guard against enlargement of the prostate. That becomes more and more important as we age.

Hawthorne Berries

Good for healthy joints which, again, is nice if you are Howard Marks but as far as T, it’s contributing nothing.

Cissus Quadrangulis

No help for T here either but some claim it helps with weight loss. Just 50mg though, it’s unlikely it’ll have much of an effect on its own.

Anything Missing?

Missing what every other booster that inexplicably sticks to this formula is missing. Serious testosterone boosting ingredients.

That means D-Aspartic Acid, vitamin D3 and boron. Not to mention a bit of estrogen control from the likes of vitamin B6.


This is just a lazy carbon copy of a pretty terrible formula that’s doing the rounds. There are a number of boosters that have used it so far (that we have spotted);

– Nutrisuppz
– Prop Test Boost

Reasons not to cheat in a test;

1. It’s wrong
2. The person you’re cheating off of might be just as hopeless as you are.

Despite the similarities, we’ve marked this lower just because;

1. It’s so shitthis
2. Now we are getting annoyed.

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tl; dr ... Short and to the Point
Who is this article aimed at?
Um I dunno, James Bond fans who are in the market for a T booster and like how it introduces itself backwards
I am busy - summarize it for me

This is another of those identical formulas we've seen from a couple of brands over the past few months. So because they're exactly the same (not that great) it becomes about the extra touches to see if these prducts can set themselves apart. Let's see how Booster Testosterone does.

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  • Overall Score: 4.2/10

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