• Positive

    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • May boost libido
    • Doesn't use proprietary blends
    • Cheap price
  • Negative

    • Uses debunked tribulus
    • Missing a lot of good T boosters
    • Some ingredients under dosed
    • Supposed to be taken with additionally purchased products
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  • Price :
  • Trust :
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  • Overall Score: 6.9/10

TestoJack 200 Review

If you’re vegetarian, you’ll know that getting enough protein to boost T and build muscle from diet can be that bit trickier.

Most of the complete proteins testosterone thrives on are wrapped up handily in meat and fish. If you want to do it without them you have to get a little creative with the foods you combine.

Natural T supplements seem a natural answer, but there’s still work to be done weeding out the veggie friendly formulas. Even if the ingredients are fine, the gelatin in capsules can make some brands no-go.

It’s a hassle for sure, and we figure that’s why a few of you have got in touch recently to ask that we review more boosters that would be welcome at any salad bar. You got it, my herbivore hermanos! Let’s kick it off with Now TestoJack 200.

TestoJack 200

TestoJack 200’s main focus appears to be on ‘supporting sexual health.’ Slightly misleading phrase in our opinion. This is no replacement for penicillin lads, let’s just put it that way. If you have caught somthing nasty on that bucks party in Bangkok you’ll need something stronger than this product.

What they’re really talking about isn’t sexual health, it is increased enjoyment in the bedroom. Stronger erections, greater stamina, that sort of thing.

So ‘libido’ as other brands refer to it.

The good news is we’ve got no proprietary blends to deal with. That means all the ingredients are there with their individual amounts. So, we know the goal but is TestoJack 200 just a one trick pony or a no trick phony? Let’s find out.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Tongkat Ali, Maca Root & Horny Goat Weed to stimulate sex drive.
  • Tribulus Terrestris to supposedly raise T.
  • Asian ginseng to further help libido, promote androgens and increase blood flow.
  • American ginseng to support immune system.
  • Mucuna pruriens to raise the amino acid L-Dopa

As always we’ll go through what we like and don’t like after the scores

The Scores

The Scores

Horny goat weed, longjack and maca root, are all similar. They can stimulate libido but don’t do much to move your testosterone levels. Normally we’d be annoyed by these ingredients being the majority of a formula but as TestoJack 200 is up front in saying that’s what it’s shooting for, we can’t complain too much.

It’s a weird approach though. If the recipe included better all round T boosters, higher hormone levels would mean an improved sex drive anyway. Plus a whole lot of other benefits.

The main choice for your T is tribulus terrestris, which is so disappointing as it’s been utterly debunked in trials. Asian ginseng and mucuna pruriens are good choices but they can’t carry the whole show on their own.


TestoJack 200 is one of the few boosters on the market we’ve seen which is priced below $20. That’s really low and newcomers to the supplements scene will be tempted. Most guys though are clued up enough to put product quality above everything else. Cheap and value for money are two very different things.

If all you’re looking for is a way to spice up your love life, TestoJack 200 is low cost enough to be worth a shot. But as for high T and all the health and performance advantages that brings (libido and stamina included) this falls way short.

You are also directed to stack this with another two NOW products, which racks up costs by the backdoor.


Now Foods manufacture TestoJack in the U.S so we can be confident it’s safe at the most basic level. They also don’t use proprietary blends which is a big tick in the trust box too. Usually we’d criticize a formula for being topped up with purely libido boosters, but in this case they make no secret that’s the case. In fact it’s a selling point.

Any company that’s still using tribulus though needs a slap on the wrists. No, the face, make that in the face.

It’s not like the research rubbishing this stuff isn’t out there. There’s loads of it. Ignoring the data on trib is bad enough, but continuing to charge customers for it at this stage is pretty unforgivable.


Ordinarily when a company doesn’t offer a detailed testimonial section for their booster, with full names, statements, photos and videos, we’re disappointed. Given that TestoJack is all about erections and getting it on however, maybe we dodged a bullet just this once.

Seriously though, when you’re just faced with user reviews on retail sites it can be hard to get a proper sense of how well it has actually worked for most people. Not enough depth. TestoJack 200 feedback is positive on balance, but there are plenty of people out there across a number of sites who are less than impressed.


Now Foods is a natural health company operating out of Illinois since 1968. They produce a number of products, not just supplements, including food ranges and skin care products. They have international reach, an informative website and didn’t dig up any major scandals that gave us cause for concern.

It’s a preference thing, but we’re fonder of companies who make their sole purpose boosters, or at least supplements. That means all the time, effort research and resources is going where we need it.