• Positive

    • Contains 2 or 3 good T boosting elements
    • No proprietary blends
    • Cheap to buy
  • Negative

    • Zinc levels may cause side effects
    • Missing vital T boosters
    • Features sever unproven components
    • Not widely available in U.S
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 5.2/10

NRG Fuel Anabolic Test Boost Review

A lot has been made recently of the need to roll back age related testosterone to normal levels. This is important and there are plenty of boosters out there that will help you do it, but NRG Fuel Testo Booster is aimed at guys who want more.

Guys who want to safely max their T, not just for extra strength, stamina and sex drive, but also to get that next level ripped physique.

NRG Fuel

The NRG Fuel team promise you all of that from their Test Booster.  We weren’t that familiar with the U.K based company, but since nearly every store that sells this product was either sold out or down to its last few bottles, it looks like they must be doing something right. Worth checking out for sure.

British supplements or always easier to review fully because they rarely use proprietary blends. These are technical sounding marketing gimmicks that stop you from seeing all the ingredient doses, usually to hide flaws.

NRG Fuel Testo lets it all hang out and as if to prove it’s vital it is to have all the facts, we’ve spotted something worrying.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Magnesium & zinc included to help free T and overall T
  • Fenugreek to support blood flow and balance blood sugar
  • Isoflavones for supposedly steroid like effects.
  • Avena sativa for anti-inflammatory properties

As always we’ll check out the detail of all this after an overlook at the scores.

The Scores

The Scores

There’s a handful of good things in NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo Booster. It’s great that it features things like zinc, magnesium, and fenugreek for example.

However in the case of zinc this product has way to much of a good thing and there’s a real risk of side effects after short or long term use. The rest of the formula is either clinically unproven or pretty unimpressive. This is kind of what the word ‘meh’ was invented for.


We found NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo Booster on sale for as little as £18, which in terms of the booster market, is really great, or at least it would be if it wasn’t for some of the problems we’ve touched on above and explain more further on in this review.

We keep saying it, cheap isn’t enough for these supplements, there has to be value for money and this formula doesn’t really deliver that.


It’s great that NRG let us see all the ingredients and the exact amount, but to be honest, after reading the label, we kind of wonder why they did.

Anabolic Testo Booster is manufactured safely in the U.K but some of the formula choices don’t really inspire trust. Plenty of the components haven’t exactly blown us away in clinical trials and with so much zinc side effects are a real risk. Could be much better.


Would it kill these companies to include a testimonal section on the website? The kind of detail you get from that if it’s an in-depth well laid out feature can make all the difference in your choice to buy. Nothing like that here and actually nearly no retail site reviews either. The only feedback we found was one video blog by a user who was generally positive, but is that enough tp part you with £20? Hardly.


NRG Sports Nutrition are a company based in Nottingham who claim to have been in the fitness and nutrition business for 30 years. It doesn’t say how long they’ve been making supplements, but they have built up quite the range of ‘Fuels’ including not just capsules, but shakes and bars.

We couldn’t dig up any major scandals with the company who do have a solid refund policy. Their website is no frills but professional. Obviously they’re not as tried and tested as other brands with global reach and obviously we’ve got an issue with formula choices, but overall, not bad.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 3 capsules half an hour before a work out and then another 3 before bed. It’s suggested you take it for 5 days then have 2 rest days. Do this for 4 weeks then give your body a break for 2 weeks.

6 caps may seem like a lot but in fact it’s the number of servings that really matter and we only have 2 here. You could have the best formula in the world here (you don’t) and taking it twice a day wouldn’t make the most of it.

4 servings is your sweet spot. The best brands favour this amount to kep active nutrients working evenly over 24 hours. You won’t get that with NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo Booster.

Any NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo Side Effects?

Zinc in moderation is essential to your T, as you’ll see below. But get a little overexcited with it and you can run into problems.

Our daily tolerance for zinc is generally agreed to be around 40mg, but here we have a whopping 90mg per serving (and 2 servings!) That’s over 4 times the ideal amount. Side effects of too much zinc include headaches, nausea, tiredness and stomach problems. In the long term it can also cause copper deficency in the body.

The zinc heavy recipe may be why NRG fuel recommend you cycle, but why take the risk? Plenty of great boosters will spare you the hassel

Where Can I Get It?

Customers can get 90 caps of NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo Booster from Ambe Direct for £18.99.

It’s not widely available in the U.S. You can get it if you want to pay plenty of extra P&P charges, but trust us, you don’t.

Ingredients – In Detail


Magnesium (Oxide)

Magnesium is actually a decent start. It really helps raise your free T levels. These are distinct from total T because it is the hormone that isn’t tied up by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, a protien that makes testosterone unuseable. in the right amount magnesium lowers SHBG activity and increase the amount we’ve got to play with.

285mg might seem a lot, and maybe it is a little over the top, but not dangerous. Should really help


Methoxisoflavones, Hydroxy-Ecdosterone & Isopropoxyisflavone

These are natural nutrients meant in theory to safely mimic the exercise boosting effects of steroids. Actual clinical evidence for their use in this area isn’t isn’t that strong. Many studies suggest they do little to nothing. So that makes their over 700mg combined, at best a gamble, at worst a waste.


Avena Sativa

Probably known better as oat straw, this ingredient has some anti inflammatory properties which may help recovery after exercise but really does little for T. So another 200+mg that could be better used in our opinion.




Fenugreek, like magnesium is one of the few highlights of NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo Booster. It significantly boosts libido an can also regulate blood glucose, which helps to balance insulin and prevent testosterone production being damaged.




Low levels of zinc are often seen in guys with low T and that’s no accident. The mineral which is difficult to get enough of from diet, fuels many important building blocks for strong, healthy T. Human Growth Hormone, Folicle Stimulating Hormone and Lutenizing Hormone all need plenty of the stuff.

As much as 40mg will do wonders for your T but as we mentioned in the side effects section, 90mg a pop is going to be too much for most.


Anything Missing?

How to boost this booster? Well for a start they could make with the D-Aspartic Acid, and plenty of it. Chuck some vitamin D3 in there too and don’t skimp on that either.

Boron would be another great mineral to add as it not only dramatically raises male hormone, but also lowers estrogen.


A couple of high spots for NRG Fuel Anabolic Testo doesn’t convince us to give it the thumbs up. There are muscle building boosters out there that will bring you more results and less side effects. If something’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.

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